An Interactive Memoir

random vignettes of life thus far, they are also nothing less than the defining events that have in large part Shaped the person who I Have become today.


True to my ENFP nature, this will be somewhat non linear. I owe this idea to a writer and blogger friend of mine, Jessica, who created a sort of life history with a 10 memoir collection. Being the somewhat verbose contrast to her restraint, I capped mine at 16.

I decided on these specific pieces for two reasons. While they are random vignettes of life thus far, they are also nothing less than the defining events, in large part shaping who I am today.  The good and bad, euphoric and soul crushing, hilarious and poignant, they are all here. Accessed with a click of the Read More button. Framed of course, by folk music. Trust me, it explains much. And does so in the intro piece, below left. If you're wondering, yes, there is an order to these. That would be as simple as top to bottom.

Snapshots From Nights Passed

where we debate who was a more authentic flower child ...


A Third Grade Essay

Heading back to 3'rd grade, we glimpse my artistic future, and the hint my parents missed. As above, it explains much …

Snapshots From A Different America

A hard first lesson on friendship and loss ...

Dispatches from 14

The first year of high school, finding my tribe, and coming to terms with where my budding sexual attractions were focused.


Just, Thanks

Reflections on being an awkward fourteen year old, growing up, coming of age and more through the music of David Bowie …

The Knife & Gun Club

What have I learned along the way? Being a paramedic has taught me a lot …

HIV The Story You Probably Haven't Heard

I think for any gay man in his 40's or over, there is a rich, layered and complicated history of loss most of us haven't yet even scratched the surface of.


The Legend

Roughly around the same time I returned to grad school and made a major career change …

The Difference 2 Minutes Can Make

And on my good days, I let myself believe that. On other days, guilt rises, and quickly submerges the hope that it had been a peaceful journey.

Things We Want To Say But Never Do

Being a gay man in my forties I’ve learned a lot, and this is my serious, satirical, anger inducing, and ultimately human long winded rant in the form of a personal add.on the personal add.

Intersections Of Agency & Atrocity

Something that keeps me up at night? The helplessness I feel as I I attempt to deal with the legacy that is my ancestry, while I witness our culture continue to ignore theirs …


A Neccessary Rest

There was more loss …

Poetics & Narrative In Public Health Research

But, you get through it. Today, I do this …



DAVID, not once, but twice


Today, at 48 I am for the most part happy, in the prime of a career I have found meaning in, and have even managed to find love again …

Beware The Hopping Canine

And a dog too. Update: Make that two!

Scenes from an Italian resterant

Spaghetti Carbonara, good wine, and an engagement ring from home depot. What more could a guy want?